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Rebecca Brooks, Certified Health Coach

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma and experiencing the biggest scare of my life at age 31, I really began to question my health.  Had I really made some terrible choices in the way I was eating the majority of my life?Is health something I can control?  Can I take charge of what happens to my body and how I feel?  How can I break the mold of traditional Healthcare?  I knew there had to be a way to become healthy, happy, and vibrant without side effects.  So I began my Journey.  

I researched and found there are Natural Remedies for nearly Everything and No Side Effects!  I realized with the proper education and knowledge that not only could I help myself, but I could help others too by sharing what I have learned.  I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach because I realized that I can take control of my health and happiness, everyone can.  With the right guidance, education, and encouragement, we can achieve anything.  I also chose this profession because everyone deserves to know this, "The Body can Heal Itself By Itself if given Half a Chance".  


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