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2014 Changes

Hello Everyone! :)

I have relocated to my hometown in Rincon, GA just outside of Savannah, GA.  My husband and I are having a second child and wanted to be much closer to family.  So here we are!  I’m not currently practicing within an office just yet.  Please stay tuned for updates on a practice location.  I am just over half way with this pregnancy and I’m excited to have my child at the Savannah Birth Center.  If you are interested in Prenatal, Pediatric, or general Chiropractic care please contact me via, my cell phone (912)655-3319 or e-mial me at  This will be the best way to work out getting you care ASAP.  Thank you all for your patients as I get established within an office.

Dr. Wendy N. Sanches

Winter Essentials

My son and I have recently fought our first winter cold/sickness.  My husband and I have two different schools of thoughts on what to do when you are sick.  Me being a chiropractor and nutritionist have a more natural and wholistic approach in dealing with a cold, where my husband (a practical nurse- with a medical background) goes straight for the cold medication.  Our society is of the medical mindset.  We are told on TV, Radio, Billboards, Printed Articles, and many more all about how medication helps with any kind of symptom or ailment.  What we need to learn and understand about most medications is that they cover up the cause and only treat that symptom.  Our symptoms are a way for our bodies to talk to us about what is going on inside?  If we just treat the symptom and don’t support the main issue of the sickness, we then cause our body to not trust our natural immune system to heal ourselves.
When our bodies learn that we don’t know how to heal yourself, we then learn to rely on medications to resolve our symptoms.  However, over time if you pay close enough attention to your body and what it has to tell you, you will find that your body keeps getting sicker and sicker and you keep having the same symptoms over and over, time after time.  Then your symptoms start to increase or change.  The whole downward spiral is why we are becoming a sicker and sicker society.  What if you could determine the cause of your symptoms and then work on correcting that imbalance?  Do you think your body would then learn how to take care of its-self even better next time?  How about instead of covering up the symptoms you decide to give the proper nutritional support for the body to correct the imbalance?  How do you think your body will like that option?  My guess, it will scream I LOVE YOU!!!  My son and I got to experience this exact example.  For myself I have complete control over what goes into my body.  I chose to take whole food supplements to support my body functions to help my cold/flu symptoms to dissipate by healing the imbalance within my body.  For my son, since his dad and I have different thoughts on what to do, I was giving him homeopathic things for cold/flu and used essential oils to help his body heal.  Then I found out that his daddy was giving him a children’s cold medication.  My son’s cold/flu lasted much longer than mine and his fever stayed around much longer too.  When we suppress a fever, we are hindering our bodies natural defense mechanism in the healing process.  When I asked my husband why he was giving our son the medication he stated that our son looked like he was miserable and he couldn’t look at him that way.  Once I found out about the medication we then stopped it, after stopping it and only supporting his body with homeopathic support and allowing him to get lots of rest and allowing his fever to peak and then break on it’s own, he has been like nothing ever happened.  For me this was a great way to see that supporting your body and not interjecting with its natural process is the best way to go when you are experiencing less than optimal health.  If you have a cold or flu this winter season, please call or come into the office, we can figure out what is the best nutritional support for your body’s specific needs. Deal

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“Patience”- my son Oliver (3 years old), has been teaching me about patience lately.  He has hit the “Why” stage, and for those of you with kids know what I’m talking about.  But not only with the “why” does he demand my attention with everything, so patience on my end and on his end is needed.  We both have been learning how to take moments to ourselves until we are ready to have the conversation on what the issue is at hand.  Well, if you think about it, this lesson extends far beyond just a mother and son, or child and parent.  Yes, I’m talking about your health and chiropractic care.

You see, health is not merely the absence of disease and if we really think about how long an issue has been bothering us, majority of us can admit that it’s been going on longer than we care to admit.  I know this too from first-hand experience.  I too have to remind myself of this.  It’s the same for chiropractic care.  By the time most people decide to come to a chiropractor their pain or symptoms have been going on for quite a long time, and for most, its years.  When you come into a chiropractic office we understand that you are looking primarily for pain relief.  What I would love for any individual to learn after coming to our office is that pain is always the first thing to go away and that patience is short lived with getting out of pain.  However, this does not mean that the problem is fixed.  Just like when Oliver is doing something he is not supposed to and I tell him to stop, he does so, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do it again in 5 minutes.  I have to take the time to explain a few times, why, what he was doing is not a good thing.  Correcting your spinal vertebral subluxations, are the same way.  It takes time to communicate to the muscle and nerve responses and retrain them to what normal is.  This can take a while, especially since these are problems that have most likely been going on for years.

If you are suffering from pain that comes and goes and has been doing so for a while, it may be time to see a local chiropractor.  We can help you get out of pain, but beyond that we can help you prevent the pain from coming back by helping retrain your body to work properly.  Don’t hesitate to try chiropractic and please, those of you who believe in chiropractic, share the knowledge you have with others on how chiropractic can help.  Together we can reach the masses.

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September 2013

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Dr. Wendy